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    Our Eating Disorder Treatment Center offers programs for adults and teens that are flexible and client centered.  We do not apply a cookie cutter approach to treatment.  Our clinical team is made up of masters and doctorate level therapists as well as experienced registered dietitians and nutritionists who have committed their careers to helping individuals recover from their eating disorders and related co-occurring disorders.

    We also apply a real world approach to recovery that is not used in most other treatment programs.  This unique approach involves giving the patients the freedom and encouragement to practice what they have learned at our program. For example, our patients do their own grocery shopping and meal preparing under the guidance of our clinical and dietary team, which is very different from the traditional approach where the clinical team chooses and prepares the same meals for all the patients.

    Better Treatment Outcomes

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    We have found that our patients experience much better outcomes and lower rates of readmission as a result of our industry first treatment approach, which requires our clients to learn how to nourish themselves through supervised practice.  Our clinical and nutrition team shows our clients how to shop, teaches them about the different food groups, advises them on how to easily identify proper portion size, and lets them practice preparing their own meals.

    Our decision to limit group sizes – another feature you will not find at most other programs – also helps our patients receive the individual attention that they need and deserve while in treatment.  Most importantly, our experienced team of clinicians helps those suffering from an eating disorder to work through the negative thoughts and feelings that were associated with their unhealthy eating behaviors.

    Continuum of Care

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    While most programs offer either Residential or intensive outpatient treatment, we currently offer all levels of care including Supervised Housing (on-site staff 7 days per week), Partial Hospitalization (up to 8 hours of individual and group therapy per day, up to 6 days per week), and Intensive Outpatient (up to 4.5 hours of treatment per day, up to 6 days per week). levels of care.

    This is extremely beneficial for our patients, because they know that when they are ready to step down from Residential to Partial Hospitalization or Intensive Outpatient, they can expect to receive the same high quality of care and individualized treatment planning as they continue through treatment.  A full continuum of care is also important to help prevent relapse of negative behaviors, which is not uncommon when patients are bouncing around from one program to another with no congruency of treatment quality or approach.

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    Our Real World Nutrition Approach

    At Aspire Eating Disorder Treatment Center Sacramento, we believe that the best way to help someone learn how to eat the right way is to let them practice over and over again until they learn for themselves. The alternate method of choosing and preparing meals for the patients does nothing to help them once they are back on their own.  What follows is a brief list of treatment components that we believe give our patients the best chance to stay healthy and free of their eating disorder behaviors once they graduate one of our programs:
    • Weekly meal outings at local restaurants.

      This is an important part of recovery because patients are forced to face their struggles in a real world environment, with a lot of support and supervision to help them.
    • Challenge foods.

      We encourage our patients to practice eating challenge foods that may have contributed to their eating disorder, so that in the future they do not have to have the same fears that they did before coming into treatment.
    • Choice, Choice, Choice!

      While our patients are given general guidelines about what foods they need to incorporate into their diet (based on their individualized meal plan), they are free to choose the foods that they want.  Over time, this freedom helps them to learn how to shop and prepare meals that they can be confident about and enjoy without any worries or hesitation.
    • Preparing Meals.

      Our patients learn how to prepare healthy and well-balanced meals while at Aspire Wellness Center, which is something most of our patients are not accustomed to before they admit into our program.
    • All dietary preferences accepted (i.e. vegetarian, vegan, kosher, etc.).

      Of course, we help the patients to identify any unhealthy food restrictions that may be contributing to their eating behaviors, and will not allow them to maintain a dietary preference that is a major contributing factor to their eating disorder behaviors.
    • Eye Ball approach to portion sizing.

      Most people struggle with portion sizing because we never learn how much we are supposed to eat, and instead eat what restaurants put on our plate regardless of the portion size.  Our program teaches patients how to estimate proper portion size without needing to rely on food scales or calorie counting.
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