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  • Family Ownership

    The Morton family started their behavioral health organization over 30 years ago. Having directly experienced the challenges and heartache that alcoholism and eating disorders can cause for a family, and having successfully journeyed through the treatment process, we felt passionate about giving others the opportunity to go to an exceptional treatment program, change their lives and be free from their struggles.

    We are proud to be one of the few remaining behavioral health organizations to operate without the pressures of delivering millions of dollars in profit to corporate shareholders. Being the sole owners of Aspire Wellness and Recovery Center allows us to make staffing and programmatic decisions that will benefit our patients, even if it results in higher costs and a longer-term investment of capital on our part. Not having to answer to corporate partners also gives us the flexibility to scholarship clients from time to time – something you will never see from a larger agency.

    We have the privilege of making the welfare of our staff and patient care the organization’s top priority, and have no doubt that these ideals are what have made our clinical programs and patient outcomes so successful. If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, call us today.

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    We customize each treatment plan, & provide more individual therapy than any other program.

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    Offering full day (PHP) and after school treatment curriculums up to six days per week.

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