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  • Mission Statement

    Our Mission Statement has evolved over the years in order to stay current with our current mission and vision for the programs and services we offer.  As part of our duty as an Accredited organization, we review our Mission Statement at least annually to make sure that it accurately represents our organizational goals and ideals.

    Our mission at Aspire Wellness and Recovery Center… is to provide our patients with experiences and tools for positive and lasting change in a therapeutic and compassionate setting so that physical, spiritual and emotional healing can be realized.

  • Individualized Therapy


    We customize each treatment plan, & provide more individual therapy than any other program.

  • FAQs


    Learn more about the importance of accreditation, and why most insurance companies require it.

  • Teen Programs


    Offering full day (PHP) and after school treatment curriculums up to six days per week.

  • Self Assessment


    Not sure if you need help? Submit your assessment for
    a free confidential evaluation.