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    The Psychological assessment performed at intake provides you with the chance to learn more about our program while also allowing us the opportunity to gather more information about  your current eating disorder related struggles. If you have been in treatment previously, we will request your consent to obtain pertinent past medical records and we will speak with your treatment providers in order to gather additional information so that we can have the best understand of what stage of recovery you are in.

    The Intake Assessment is also our opportunity to get a better  understanding of what our patients’ needs and preferences are.  Our goal at Aspire Wellness and Recovery Center is to customize each patient’s treatment plan according to their individual needs and challenges. Because we are one of the few outpatient programs     that limits the size of its groups in order to insure that we are able to give ample attention to all of our patients’ needs,  we have found that our patients’ success rates are among the highest in our field.

    After the Intake Assessment has been completed, we will recommend admission to either our Day treatment program,  our Intensive Outpatient program, or to our Residential Treatment Program if appropriate. We can also assess whether or not Sub-Acute Detox is necessary prior to admission, if drug  and alcohol dependency is part of the diagnosis.


    When Detox is necessary prior to admission, we can coordinate  your admission into one of our Medically Supervised Detox  programs, where our staff Physicians can provide you with a  medical clearance at the time of your Detox admission. More information about all of our Detox and Residential drug and alcohol rehab programs can be found at  http://www.newdawntreatmentcenters.com.

    Prior to admitting into one of our eating disorder programs,  a  medical clearance from a physician is often required to ensure  that a higher level of care is not medically necessary, based on the physical condition of the patient. Often our own staff Physicians are available to provide these medical clearances, and we also have a list of specialists we can refer our patients to if they don’t have their own primary care physician and want to use their insurance to cover the cost of the medical clearance.

    Generally, we schedule program admissions Monday – Thursday at 11:30 am, which is at the beginning of each day of  programming.


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    Residential Coming Soon

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    Program Schedules

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