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  • Anorexia Treatment

    Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by weight obsession, self-starvation, and distortion of body image. People with this psychiatric disorder have an inability to maintain a body weight that is normal for their age and height. They often have severe body image disturbance where body image is the predominant measure of self-worth with a denial of the seriousness of their illness. It’s not uncommon for individuals to use caloric restriction, excessive exercise and other compensatory behaviors to control emotional needs or pain.

    Common Signs of Anorexia (not all are required):

    • appears underweight, such as collar bone being visible and/ or having thin face structure
    • wears baggy clothes to conceal weight
    • skipping meals or eating very little
    • obsessed with counting calories
    • refusal to eat high calorie foods or carbohydrates
    • constantly exercising

    There is a variety of health consequences associated with Anorexia nervosa because the body is denied essential nutrients needed for optimal body functioning. As a result, the body is forced to conserve energy and numerous medical complications can occur.

    • Abnormal heart rate and/or low blood pressure
    • Reduction of bone density, which can result in weak and brittle bones
    • Muscle loss or weakness
    • Severe dehydration, which can cause damage to the kidneys
    • Fainting, fatigue and weakness
    • Dry hair and skin, hair loss

    Anorexia Treatment at Aspire Wellness and Recovery is provided by a multidisciplinary team of eating disorder experts, including licensed therapists, psychologists, registered dietitians, nutritionists, and a caring support staff. Individuals struggling with Anorexia have the highest mortality rate of any mental health disorder. If you or someone you know may be suffering from anorexia or some other type of eating disorder, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We can provide a confidential evaluation and treatment plan recommendation at no cost. There is hope, call us today.

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