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  • Anorexia Recovery in Roseville Explains the Connection Between Perfectionism and Eating Disorders

    Anorexia Recovery in Roseville Explains the Connection Between Perfectionism and Eating Disorders

    While perfectionists may have a life that looks appealing to others — excellent grades, an impressive career, a “put together” look, etc. — it often comes at a high cost. If you’re in or contemplating anorexia recovery in Roseville, it’s important to see the connection between perfectionism and eating disorders.

    The Comparison Culture

    We see them all around us every day: images of perfection. In ads, in TV shows and movies, in Social Media, they’re everywhere. Whether the message is direct or read between the lines it’s there: you need to be the best, the smartest, the most attractive. It’s no wonder so many people are perfectionists.

    The connection between being a perfectionist and having an eating disorder is, in part, the desire to control things. With so many aspects of life being outside of a person’s control, people with eating disorders want to have complete and total control of the food that goes into their body. It’s their way of bringing some order to a very chaotic and disordered world.

    Loving the Imperfect You

    One powerful step toward anorexia recovery is learning to embrace imperfection. It’s not easy to let go of your perfectionist tendencies, but it can be done. The key is to do it a little bit at a time. And as you do start to let go, you should simultaneously be embracing the physical imperfections and personality quirks that make you unique. While you may hate them, the people around you love them. With practice, you can, too.

    And, of course, there are aspects of your perfectionism that are positive in nature. Your drive and determination are things that can be used in a good way to achieve the life you’ve envisioned. Don’t let them go! But saying goodbye to self-criticism and comparison is a wonderful and healthy thing.

    You may want to keep a journal as you head down the path toward a more relaxed, confident, realistic you. You’ll be surprised when you look back at old entries to see what a tight grip perfectionism had on you — and relieved to know that it doesn’t anymore.

    Just the Way You Are

    At our anorexia recovery in Roseville we help the people we work with see that happiness is a much better and much more achievable goal than perfection. Nobody’s perfect… and nobody has to be! Call us today to learn more about our programs: 916-784-1120.

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