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    eating disorder recovery in California

    Quite often our ego and our upbringing combine to make us think that we must be strong and independent at all times, and that we should never let our guard down. For those with an eating disorder, that belief can be especially strong. Unfortunately, that approach to life can lead to all kinds of problems, from raising our stress level to damaging our relationships. At the Aspire Wellness center for eating disorder recovery in California, we encourage the people we work with to learn to be vulnerable.

    The Benefits of Vulnerability

    Contrary to popular belief, being open and accessible can provide a number of health mental and emotional health benefits. When you start allowing yourself to be vulnerable, you will:

    Increase your ability to empathize with others.

    When we become more open about our flaws, we tend to feel a strong connection with others when we get a glimpse of theirs.

    Develop a comfort level with your eccentricities.

    We all have preferences and behaviors that make us unique. Often we try to hide them from the world, and in the process, from ourselves. But it’s those quirks that make us who we are. When we allow people to see them, we can begin to appreciate and even celebrate them.

    Promote trusting relationships with others.

    When we have our “walls” up, people know it, and it makes it hard for them to gauge our motivations. But when we drop our shields and embrace vulnerability, the people we encounter know that they’re seeing the real deal and they find it easier to trust us. Consequently, they tend to drop their defenses as well.

    Find it easier to connect with others like you.

    Enjoy eating cereal on the couch wearing footie pajamas and watching old school cartoons? When you allow that fact to come to light, it makes it much easier for other cereal-eating, pajama-wearing, cartoon-loving people to find you.

    Earn the respect of others.

    While being respected isn’t critical to happiness, it certainly feels good. When others see that you have the confidence — or initially maybe just the force of will — to let people get to know the real you, they will be impressed.

    There is Strength in Vulnerability

    We tell people at our eating disorder treatment center in California that vulnerability, which many were taught to think of as weakness, can really be a tremendous strength and a huge help in recovering from an eating disorder. Contact us to learn more about our programs: 916-784-1120.

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