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  • Bulimia Recovery Center in California Shares the Benefits of Letting Go of Your Need to Know

    bulimia recovery center in California

    It’s safe to say that very few people enjoy uncertainty in their life. When we’re watching a movie, it may be fun to be left in the dark about what will happen next to the characters, but when it’s real life and we are the “character,” we don’t like ambiguity. That’s especially true for dysregulated eaters. Unfortunately, uncertainty is a part of life. In fact, when you think about it, very little in our lives is certain to any degree. That’s why we encourage the people we work with at our bulimia recovery center in California to let go of their “need to know.”

    Why It’s Important to Get Rid of the Crystal Ball

    Yes, it’s a natural human tendency to want to know how the events in our life will unfold. However, when that desire moves from a casual curiosity to a constant need, it becomes a problem. Why? There are a number of reasons:

    • Worrying about the future raises your stress level
    • Focusing on future events detracts from enjoying the present
    • Obsessing about what will happen down the road can keep you from taking necessary actions now
    • Hoping for an idealized future can lead to disappointment when it is not as imagined

    How to Stay Anchored in the Present

    Here are some tips for embracing your unpredictable future:

    • Remind yourself that uncertainty is unavoidable. While it’s wise to make plans for your future and to work toward them, the reality is that no matter how dedicated you are to creating the life you’ve dreamed of, it is unlikely to be exactly as you pictured it. And that’s OK.
    • Pay attention to how good it feels to let go. While you may feel anxious when you first stop trying to “know” the future, you’ll quickly discover the sense of relief that develops when you start getting better at taking life as it comes.
    • Focus more on internal “events.” Generally speaking, you can’t control what happens in the world around you. You can, however, control your thoughts and emotions to a much greater degree. So, you can increase your happiness by changing how you view your circumstances.
    • Acknowledge imperfections — yours and the world’s. You are not perfect, and you never will be. Nobody is. The world and everything in it is flawed in one way or another. Admitting that to yourself can relieve a lot of the pressure you feel about your eating disorder, your recovery, your relationships, etc.

    Helping People Focus on Now

    At our bulimia treatment center in California, we stress the importance of focusing on what’s happening now as the key to getting to where you want to be in the months and years ahead. Take care of the present and the future will take care of itself, as they say. Contact us to learn more about our programs: 916-784-1120.

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