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  • Bulimia Treatment Center in Roseville Shares Tips for Returning to College after Summer Break

    Transitioning from one living situation to another is stressful for anyone. For someone who is recovering from an eating disorder, it can be even more so. And that is especially true for a college student who has come home for the summer and is heading back to school — what is likely a second transition in just a few months. At our bulimia treatment center in Roseville, we encourage the people we work with to look ahead and have a plan.

    Prepare Your Strategy for Heading Back to Campus

    While a new year at school will involve many unknowns — and the anxiety that comes with them for many people — there are steps you can take to maintain balance and stay on the path to recovery regardless of the challenges that arise. In particular, you should:

    • Connect with your campus care team. If you go to school far from home and have a different counselor, dietician, etc. on campus, it’s a good idea to touch base with them before the new school year starts just to confirm they will still be available to work with you. Whether you intend to see them regularly or only on an as-needed basis, it’s comforting to know that your support network is in place.
    • Talk with your counselor about your triggers. Whether it’s the counselor at home or on campus, you should talk with someone about what your triggers are, where/when you’re likely to encounter them at school, and how you intend to manage them.
    • Be clear on how nutrition will fit into your class/work schedule. With classes, social events, and possibly a part-time job, college life can get hectic. Be sure you know how you’ll keep your body properly fueled throughout the day, every day. From meals to snacks, you want to have a solid plan prepared before you arrive on campus.
    • Make stress reduction a priority. From meeting assignment deadlines to meeting new people, college involves plenty of pressure. What will you do to let off steam? Yoga? Hiking? Swimming? Meditation? Be sure you have plenty of options in mind and a commitment to using them.

    Easing Your Transition to Keep Your Recovery on Track

    Heading back to college doesn’t have to have a negative impact on your recovery. With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can continue to make steady progress toward your goals. If you have questions or are looking to talk with someone this summer, contact our bulimia treatment center in Roseville at 916-784-1120. We’re eager to assist you!

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