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  • Proven Tips for Handling Relapse for those in Eating Disorder Recovery in California

    As we work with people on eating disorder rehab in California, one thing is abundantly clear: the path to eating disorder recovery is anything but straight. It involves many twists and turns, including times when it doubles back on itself in the form of relapse. But while relapse can be frightening and frustrating, it definitely doesn’t have to mean you can’t or won’t achieve your goal. In fact, overcoming a relapse and getting back on track only makes you stronger and wiser and more resilient for the next time you encounter challenges on your journey.


    Your Plan for Getting Back on Track

    Here are some things you can do to get refocused on your recovery when you relapse:

    • Seek help right away. Whether it’s a counselor, therapist, or doctor, the advice and words of reassurance from a professional who understands what you are going through can be instrumental in getting you back on track.
    • Ensure you maintain proper nutrition. As you know, recovery is an intense process that requires a great deal of energy. Be sure that you get the nutrition you need.
    • Dismiss your “might as well” attitude. One of the most common and most dangerous emotions that accompanies relapse is the feeling that as long as you have fallen off the path to recovery, you might as well fully indulge your unhealthy impulses. Confront that voice in your head and tell it to get lost!
    • Talk with trusted friends/family. Connecting with a professional is an important step in getting past a relapse, but it’s also critical that you get support from loved ones. Let them know that you have found yourself in a place where you need some extra encouragement.
    • Reflect on your triggers. In order to decrease your odds of a future relapse, you have to face the reasons that this one occurred. Don’t dwell on them, but be sure you understand what they are and how to avoid them going forward.
    • Write down your reasons for pursuing recovery. When things look bleak, it can be very helpful to journal about why you want to be successful in beating your disorder. That beacon of hope can be a powerful motivator.


    A Temporary Detour

    Wherever you are on the path toward eating disorder rehab in California, keep in mind that relapse is just a temporary detour. To learn more about programs for helping you achieve the happier, healthier life you’ve envisioned, call us at 916-784-1120.

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