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  • Tips Regarding a Recovery Wardrobe from an Eating Disorder Recovery Center in California

    It would be easy to dismiss your wardrobe as something unimportant. After all, your health and happiness are far more critical. This is especially true of someone who is battling an eating disorder. However, having clothing that fits properly and that you like the look of can take some of the stress out of coming to terms with your new, healthier body shape. So, we encourage the people we work with at our eating disorder recovery center in California to modify their wardrobe as appropriate to ensure it meets their needs.

    Tips for Clothes Shopping While in Eating Disorder Recovery

    Clothes shopping while in recovery can be stressful, frustrating, and in some cases overwhelming. Things like general body dissatisfaction, body image distortion, excessive body comparisons, and obsessive body checking behaviors that often accompany eating disorders can make shopping miserable. Use the strategies below to turn it into a more positive and successful experience:

    • Shop with a trusted friend or family member. In many cases, a person with an eating disorder will have a distorted perspective on clothing in the same way their perspective on their body is inaccurate. Having someone along to provide a second opinion can be very helpful.
    • Look for one item at a time. Before you head out, decide on what it is you are looking for, where you will shop for it, and how much you’re willing to spend on it. Having made these decisions in advance will make your trip less stressful.
    • Focus more on fit than fashion. It’s more important that the clothes you buy during recovery are functional than fashionable. With each item you try on, assess how it would work in the real world. Is it the right length? Is it too tight or too loose? Will it stay in place when you bend and move?
    • Use stress reduction techniques. If you start to find your shopping experience is making you feel anxious, use techniques like mindfulness, deep breathing, etc. to stay in control of your emotions.
    • Ignore numbers. Clothes sizing across all brands is inexact at best. A four in one line might equate to a six in another. Don’t be concerned about the numbers. Pay attention to how an item feels and then secondarily how it looks.
    • Leave the mirror until last. Here again, comfort and function are more important appearance. Of course you’re going to want to look in the mirror, but try to save that part of your evaluation for last.

    Be Ready for Success

    Self-confidence plays an important role in recovery. At our eating disorder recovery center in California, we know that having the right clothing can help you feel up to the task. Call today to learn more about our programs:  916-784-1120.

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