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  • How Yoga Can Help with Eating Disorder Recovery from a Bulimia Treatment Center in California

    How Yoga Can Help with Eating Disorder Recovery from a Bulimia Treatment Center in California

    Those who practice yoga will gladly tell you about the many ways it has had a positive impact on their life. For people in eating disorder recovery it can be especially helpful. As we tell people at our bulimia treatment center in California, yoga can help you renew your healthy relationship with, and respect for, your body when it has been lost due to your illness.

    Reconnecting with Your Body

    Here are some of the ways that a yoga practice can help you get back in touch with your body and learn to love it with all its imperfections.

    • Yoga helps you appreciate what your body is capable of. Within just a few yoga sessions, you will likely begin to see progress in how long you can hold poses, how much more accurately you can form them, etc. And one of the great things about the practice is that even people who have been working at it for decades know that there’s still more they can do.
    • Yoga can create greater self-respect. Simply committing to regular yoga practice can help elevate your opinion of yourself. And seeing that you’re slowly beginning to “master” new poses (nobody ever truly masters them!) is very uplifting as well.
    • Yoga makes it clear that we all have unique bodies with unique capabilities. Yes, you will see yoga practitioners with lean, muscled bodies. But you will also see practitioners with virtually any body type you can imagine. What unites them is their joy in what they’re doing and their acceptance of themselves and those around them.
    • Yoga gives you a better understanding of how nutrition is affecting your body. Reconnecting with your instinctive sense of how to properly fuel your body is especially helpful for someone who is in eating disorder recovery.
    • Yoga helps you see life as a journey. If yoga teaches you anything, it’s that there is always more to learn and experience. Too often we focus on attaining specific goals and we indulge in “if then” thinking that says “If I can achieve a certain weight/look/etc., then I will be happy.” What you learn in yoga is to appreciate where you are now and to look forward to continuing your journey.

    Using All the Tools at Your Disposal

    As a leading Bulimia Treatment Center in California, we stress the importance of taking advantage of all the tools at your disposal to get on, and stay on, the path to recovery. For many people, yoga is a very powerful tool for achieving improved self-confidence, better health, and more happiness. Call us today at 916-784-1120 to learn more about our eating disorder recovery programs.

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