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  • Proven Tips for Handling Relapse for those in Eating Disorder Recovery in California

    As we work with people on eating disorder rehab in California, one thing is abundantly clear: the path to eating disorder recovery is anything but straight. It involves many twists and turns, including times when it doubles back on itself in the form of relapse. But while relapse can be frightening and frustrating, it definitely doesn’t…

    Anorexia Recovery in Roseville Addresses Misconceptions about a Woman’s Postpartum Body

    While eating disorders have many causes, one of the most powerful in women is the pressure they feel to meet certain body shape expectations. When we talk with people pursuing anorexia recovery in Roseville, and help with other eating disorders as well, we point out that while those expectations are unfair and unreasonable, they can…

    Eating Disorder Treatment Center in California Talks About PTSD and Eating Disorders

    When working with people at our eating disorder treatment center in California, we explain to them that eating disorders like binge eating, anorexia, and bulimia aren’t simply about disordered eating habits. In fact, in virtually every scenario there is an emotional issue (or issues) that is the root of the condition. In many cases it…

    Bulimia Treatment Center in Roseville Shares Tips for Returning to College after Summer Break

    Transitioning from one living situation to another is stressful for anyone. For someone who is recovering from an eating disorder, it can be even more so. And that is especially true for a college student who has come home for the summer and is heading back to school — what is likely a second transition…

    Eating Disorder Treatment in Roseville, CA Talks about Marijuana Use in Recovery

    With an increasing number of states legalizing marijuana for medical use, recreational use, or both, there is a growing conversation about whether it can be helpful as a treatment component for people recovering from an eating disorder. For those receiving eating disorder treatment in Roseville, CA at our treatment center, we encourage them to know…

    One of the Leading Bulimia Recovery Centers in California Says Caregivers Must Take Care of Themselves

    While caring for someone who has an eating disorder is a labor of love, it can also be very taxing — mentally, emotionally, and physically. That’s why at our bulimia recovery centers in California, we remind caregivers that it’s critical that they take care of themselves as well. We say this for two reasons. First, because…

    Making Peace with Love Ones is Important for People Seeking Anorexia Recovery in Roseville

    As a person with an eating disorder starts making progress in the recovery process, it’s important that they make peace with the people in their life. People looking to achieve anorexia recovery in Roseville must open a dialogue with family and friends in order to clear the air and move forward in a healthy way. Making Peace…

    Eating Disorder Treatment Center in California Addresses the Stigma of Eating Disorders in Men

    It’s not uncommon for people to think that eating disorders are conditions that are almost exclusively limited to women. However, there is evidence that approximately 25 percent of people diagnosed with disorders like anorexia and bulimia are men. At our eating disorder treatment center in California, we encourage men to seek help for their condition, and…

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    Our Real World Nutrition Approach

    At Aspire Eating Disorder Treatment Center Sacramento, we believe that the best way to help someone learn how to eat the right way is to let them practice over and over again until they learn for themselves. The alternate method of choosing and preparing meals for the patients does nothing to help them once they are back on their own.  What follows is a brief list of treatment components that we believe give our patients the best chance to stay healthy and free of their eating disorder behaviors once they graduate one of our programs:
    • Weekly meal outings at local restaurants.

      This is an important part of recovery because patients are forced to face their struggles in a real world environment, with a lot of support and supervision to help them.
    • Challenge foods.

      We encourage our patients to practice eating challenge foods that may have contributed to their eating disorder, so that in the future they do not have to have the same fears that they did before coming into treatment.
    • Choice, Choice, Choice!

      While our patients are given general guidelines about what foods they need to incorporate into their diet (based on their individualized meal plan), they are free to choose the foods that they want.  Over time, this freedom helps them to learn how to shop and prepare meals that they can be confident about and enjoy without any worries or hesitation.
    • Preparing Meals.

      Our patients learn how to prepare healthy and well-balanced meals while at Aspire Wellness Center, which is something most of our patients are not accustomed to before they admit into our program.
    • All dietary preferences accepted (i.e. vegetarian, vegan, kosher, etc.).

      Of course, we help the patients to identify any unhealthy food restrictions that may be contributing to their eating behaviors, and will not allow them to maintain a dietary preference that is a major contributing factor to their eating disorder behaviors.
    • Eye Ball approach to portion sizing.

      Most people struggle with portion sizing because we never learn how much we are supposed to eat, and instead eat what restaurants put on our plate regardless of the portion size.  Our program teaches patients how to estimate proper portion size without needing to rely on food scales or calorie counting.
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