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  • FAQs – Treatment


    • How many days will I attend treatment?

      Generally people admit into PHP or IOP at 5 days/week. While in IOP, your treatment will be taped down to a minimum of 3 days/week before transitioning to outpatient treatment.

    • Is there a dress code?

      No, as long as what you are wearing is street legal, it is accepted at our program.
      Are the people in PHP and IOP in the same groups? Yes, our PHP and IOP programs are combined.

    • I want to keep seeing my therapist and/or psychiatrist while participating in the program, is that recommended/ok?

      Yes, we recommend that you keep seeing your outside therapist/psychiatrist. We also recommend that you sign a release of information for your outpatient providers so we can coordinate care.

    • I am in recent recovery from alcohol/drug dependence; will I be required to go to AA/NA or their equivalent?

      Depending on how “recently” your recovery has begun, our Treatment Team will most likely recommend and/or require that you attend AA/NA/Life Ring or an equivalent while participating in treatment at Marin Eating Recovery Center.

    • Can I smoke cigarettes at the treatment facility?

      Yes, during breaks in designated areas.

    • Can I drink alcohol and/or use drugs while in the program (either onsite or off site)?

      We require all individuals in PHP and IOP to abstain from drug and alcohol use during their treatment at Marin Eating Wellness Center.

    • Can I continue taking my medications (for pain, to help me sleep, for depression, for anxiety, etc.)?

      Medications prescribed by a doctor and taken as directed are allowed. Medication should be monitored your psychiatrist or primary care doctor while you are in PHP and IOP.

    • Can my family be involved in my treatment?

      Yes. Family therapy and other opportunities to be involved in your treatment are available to you and your family if appropriate.

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  • Treatment Guarantee

    Treatment Guarantee

    How can we offer free treatment, and why don’t other programs offer this? Good question.

  • Residential Coming Soon

    Residential Coming Soon

    Luxury residential treatment set on 5 beautiful acres in Northern California.