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    Whether seeking treatment for eating disorders in a residential setting, in a partial hospitalization setting with medical supervision, or in an intensive outpatient setting, Aspire Wellness Center’s holistic therapeutic philosophy relies on only the most heavily researched and clinically proven core therapies and treatment modalities.

    Evidence Based and Outcome Supported

    Because there can be many emotional and psychological struggles that are contributing to one’s disordered eating behaviors, and these struggles can be complex and fragile when first identified confronted, at Aspire Wellness Center we rely on the only the most clinically tested and outcome-based methods for treating eating disorders behaviors and other co-occurring disorders.

    We Are All Unique

    There is not one single therapeutic approach that has proven equally efficacious for all individuals struggling with eating disorder behaviors and their underlying negative thoughts and feelings. One’s personality, past experiences, external support structure, and world view will all impact how they will receive, process and be motivated by different therapeutic approaches. At Aspire Wellness Center, we recognize the importance of customizing our treatment approach in order to meet the unique needs of each individual participant.

    Multi-disciplinary Team of Eating Disorder Specialists

    At Aspire Wellness and Recovery, our multi-disciplinary treatment is made up of dietitians, therapists and nutritionists that have experience applying only the most significant group therapy modalities that are clinically proven to substantially reduce eating disorder symptoms and behaviors when supported by intensive individual psychotherapy, family therapy, and at least a minimum level of patient motivation to change.

    Generally, the Core Therapy approaches that we apply include the following:

    Aspire Wellness Center’s Holistic Philosophy

    Because Core group therapy can be as challenging and exhausting as it is rewarding, we also offer holistic, experiential therapy groups as a regular part of our intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization curriculums. This multi-modal approach is part of our philosophy of treating the whole person, and not just focusing on their struggles or symptoms.

    In order to strike a balance between applying evidence-based therapies and our Whole Person treatment approach, some of the holistic activities that we offer include Qi Gong, Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga, Meal Outings, Dance Movement Therapy, and Mindfulness Meditation.

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