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  • Family Therapy

    At Aspire Wellness and Recovery Center, we consider “family” to be anyone who you want involved in your treatment. This could in fact be your family of origin but may also be your spouse or significant other, roommates or friends, or any other important person in your life.

    We find that families vary in their conceptualization and understanding of eating disorders and often benefit from psychoeducation and objective information regarding the illness. It’s not uncommon for families to blame themselves or the client, and our role is often working with the family to increase communication skills and set appropriate boundaries.

    Family therapy can be helpful in exploring attitudes towards nutrition and exercise and expectations that various family members have towards recovery. Treatment is collaborative and is tailored to the individual needs of the family.

    Family Therapy Goals

    Goals for family therapy are as unique and individual as our families themselves. Some examples of topics covered in family therapy include:

    • The impact of illness on the entire family
    • Developing an understanding of the eating disorder from the patient’s point of view
    • The role of the patient in the family system
    • Interpersonal relationships
    • Conflict resolution
    • Separation/Individuation
    • Behavioral change among family members
    • Communication
    • Control
    • Expression of feelings
    • Realistic expectations/perfectionism
    • Performance/achievement
    • Marital relationship

    The Schedule

    Family therapy appointments are scheduled on a weekly basis. Family meetings with the dietitian are scheduled on an as needed basis.

    Support Meetings

    We currently offer a free community support group for loved ones and family members of people struggling with, or recovering from, eating disorders. This group is led by a licensed psychologist from Aspire Wellness Center who has extensive experience working directly with individuals diagnosed with eating disorders and their families. This drop-in group is open to the public and focuses on education, community and support.

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