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  • Nutrition Philosophy

    We approach nutrition from the basic premise that all foods are good in moderation. Individuals entering our program have often developed complex relationships with food which involve restricting intake, bingeing, purging and many other compensatory behaviors. Many people tell us their eating disorder symptoms feel out of control and they’ve lost the ability to recognize hunger and satiety cues.

    You will work closely with our registered dietitians to create a custom eating plan designed to meet your unique nutritional needs. We utilize a structured approach to treatment and work with you to develop individualized weekly meal plans. We’ve found that meal planning group and structured meal groups provide you with stability and containment and lead to a reduction of eating disorder behaviors.

    What makes our program unique and highly effective is that we teach our participants how to shop for and prepare their own meals, unlike other programs that tell you what to eat, and how much to eat. We want you to learn how to nourish yourself appropriately, so that when you are on your own, you will not feel lost and susceptible to relapse.  With the help of meal planning and individual sessions with our registered dietitians, our participants develop lasting skills that they will be able to rely on long after they have graduated our program.

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