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    Aspire Wellness and Recovery Center has been operating patient centered treatment, wellness and recovery programs in residential, intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization levels of care throughout Northern California for over a decade. In our nearly 30 years of experience owning and operating behavioral health programs, we have found that the struggles and challenges that every individual faces are so unique, that no single therapy approach can be effective or ultimately successful without allowing the patient to actively contribute to their treatment plan.

    What does it mean to be patient centered?

    A truly patient-centered program, regardless of whether it exists to treat individuals suffering from drug and/or alcohol abuse, mental health or eating disorders behaviors, is where the clinical team works together with the patient in developing a treatment plan focused around their unique needs and challenges. Additionally, the therapy modalities utilized in each individual’s treatment episode should vary and reflect each individual’s strength and weaknesses, level of motivation for change, goals and objectives, and specific challenges. Most importantly, for a program to be truly patient-centered, it must put reasonable limits on the sizes of its therapy groups, and provide at least two hours of individual psychotherapy per week to its patients.

    Why aren’t all eating disorders programs patient-centered?

    Most eating disorders recovery programs are not patient centered because they are either too small to be able to afford a multi-disciplinary staff, or they are too large to be able to provide the number of weekly individual therapy hours and customized treatment planning that defines a patient centered program. Other programs simply do not want to spend the money on the additional staffing that is required, often because they are shareholder owned and thus required to maximize their profits at all costs.

    How is a patient centered approach better than other approaches?

    The treatment approach followed by most programs imposes a rigid nutrition and therapy regimen equally to all participants.  For example, most programs do not allow their patients to shop for, choose and prepare their own meals, which are all extremely important eating recovery exercises.  Instead, the staff decide what they are going to make the participants eat, and it’s the same for everyone. Most programs also do not take their clients on meal outings, which are important because they allow individuals to be exposed to different types of foods in a real world setting under the supervision of a therapist.

    A Customized Approach That Works

    At Aspire Wellness and Recovery, we understand that in order for an eating recovery program to actually make a lasting difference in a patient’s life, they must always be treated as unique individuals whose thoughts, emotions and behaviors are affected differently by their distinct DNA, environment, social influences, and life experiences.  This customized treatment philosophy is why our team of eating disorder experts and holistic health specialists are themselves so varied in their respective disciplines.  And the industry leading success rates of our former patients is the reason why we will continue to offer the highest quality of holistic eating recovery services that everyone suffering with an eating disorder deserves.

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