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  • Intensive Outpatient / IOP

    This level of care offers up to eight (4) hours of treatment a day for up to six (6) days per week.  Intensive Outpatient is the least restrictive level of care because it provides participants with some daily structure and support while giving them a lot more freedom to live their lives and practice what they have learned during their recovery journey.  Most importantly, this level of care provides participants access to our eating disorder specialists during that period of time in early recovery when they are most apt to experience setbacks, which if left unattended could result in full-blown relapse. Intensive Outpatient typically involves one supervised meal group and one therapy group per day, as well as weekly individual therapy sessions and dietitian consultations. Other program components include mindful walks, supervised meal outings at local restaurants, equine-assisted therapy, and yoga. Program length of stay varies from 2 – 4 months, depending on each individual’s success in achieving their treatment goals.

    Family therapy is also an important component of intensive outpatient, and occurs at both the group and the individual level. We believe that family support is a very significant factor that can help contribute to long term recovery success.

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    If you are looking for eating disorder treatment program options, call now for a confidential consultation.  We have specialist standing by 24/7 to answer your questions and assist you with the admissions process. Most private insurances are accepted for all of our program options, and financing is also available. Aspire Wellness and Recovery Center can help you get your life back.  Don’t wait any longer, start your recovery today!

  • Treatment Guarantee

    Treatment Guarantee

    How can we offer free treatment, and why don’t other programs offer this? Good question.

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  • Insurance Accepted

    Insurance Accepted

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  • Teen Programs


    Offering full day (PHP) and after school treatment curriculums up to six days per week.