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    What is an Eating Disorder?

    Eating Disorders are characterized by negative and often harmful eating behaviors that prevent you from living healthy and fulfilling lives.  The most common types of eating disorders that we treat are anorexia (characterized by restricting one’s food intake on a regular basis, causing extreme weight loss), bulimia (eating large amounts of food at once, and usually followed soon after by forced purging/vomiting), and binge-eating disorder (eating large amounts of food while experiencing guilt, shame and/or loss of control) .

    There are many variations of these destructive eating behaviors, as well as other types of eating related disorders that we also treat, such as compulsive exercising, diabulimia, and co-occurring disorders like substance abuse, anxiety, depression (experienced by roughly 50% of those with an eating disorder), and trauma.

    Who and What we Treat.

    Our Clinical team is qualified to treat all types of eating disorders and co-occurring disorders for both men and women, adults and teens. Generally speaking, most of the eating disorders that we treat involve a person focusing too much on their body image, their weight, the food that they eat (or don’t eat), and on repeating harmful eating habits.

    Over time, these eating disorder behaviors can have significantly harmful effects on your body.  Eating Disorders also have the highest mortality rate amongst all mental health diagnosis, so getting proper treatment is especially crucial if you are suffering from an eating disorder.

    Who is Affected?

    Close to 25 million people suffer with an eating disorder in the U.S., and 90% of them don’t receive any treatment.  Of the 10% that do receive some form of treatment, only 1/3 of them are served by eating disorder specialists, contributing to a low overall success rate.

    Eating Disorders affect both teens and adults, and tend to develop at an early age. In fact, nearly 86% report the onset of their eating disorder by the time they are 20. About 10 – 15% of individuals diagnosed with an eating disorder are male, and they are even less likely to seek treatment than females.

    With proper eating disorder treatment and consistent aftercare you can reclaim your life, learn how to eat healthy again, and begin repairing the internal damage to your heart, bones, and digestive system that was caused by the eating disorder behaviors.

    Do I Have an Eating Disorder?

    An eating disorder is an illness that affects all aspects of a person’s life. We have successfully treated thousands of adults and adolescent teens suffering from all types of eating disorders. At Aspire Wellness & Recovery Center, we always have intake specialists available. If you would like to call and schedule a free, confidential evaluation to find out whether or not you or a loved one may benefit from eating disorder treatment, don’t put it off any longer – call us today!



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